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Empowering Questions

Empowering Questions: Mostly begin with What, How or Why and refer to I, me or my (i.e. they are personalised)

Similar to the rhetorical question of literature and the ‘useful question' of narrative therapy. The art of asking the key issue question to help you know yourself - to externalism, to conscientise, to surface - what is beneath. It is not primarily to gather information or gather facts, nor is it simply an open question. When answered openly, honestly, thoughtfully they empower by revealing (conscientising) what both inhibits and motivates you to reach your full potential.
If you are stuck then a counsellor can help you with this important skill.

There are no right or wrong empowering questions or answers, the idea is to get you thinking and
finding the real problem or issue which is often layers down in your mind (your subconscious


What stops me from ……?
Why should other people’s opinion matter more than my own?
What do I believe, deep down, really believe?
What things are unnecessary (redundant) in my life?
What are my goals for…………?
What makes me truly happy?
Why do I get excited when thinking about being radically me?
Why do I get angry, anxious, sarcastic, frustrated and …………?
Why don’t I follow through with things?
Why do I procrastinate?
What are my most treasured memories?
How can I turn this around?
What is the upside to this situation?
Who am I?
What difference can I make?
Do I have significance?
Am I valued?
Why do I like being acknowledged?
When am I going to get serious about …………?
How can I be more responsible?
Do I have clear boundaries in my life?
What do I value?
When am I going to get serious about anything?
What am I avoiding?
What am I fearful or afraid of?
What motivates me?
What are my passions?
How easily do others influence me?
What part does God play in my life?
If I just had days to live, what would I do?
Why do I have difficulty in …………..?
Why do I have problems remembering…………….?
Does my heart or my heard rule?
How well do the left and right hand sides of my brain communicate?
Am I a risk taker?
When do I take risks?
What do I care about?
What are my unbearable feelings?
How can I enjoy life and make a good living?
Is life just about me?
Why do I love………………..?
Why don’t I like ……………………..?
Why do I equate loosing with not being good enough?
Why am I so ‘nice’… too nice… a people pleaser?
Why do I avoid going to……………..………?
Why do I avoid doing the……………………?
What are my goals for my life?
How radical am I prepared to be?
How important are my looks?
How important is my performance?
How important are my abilities?
How important is my family?
How important are my talents?
How important is my wealth?
What’s the main thing here?
Why aren’t I enjoying this?
What’s missing in my life?
What or how can I learn from this challenge or lesson?
How could my life be transformed if I did this thing I fear?
What in me has attracted these circumstances in my life?
How can I learn what I need to learn from them?
How can I have fun doing the things I need to do today?
How do I want to feel?
How do I choose to feel?
What am I grateful for?
How can I add value to other people's lives?
How can I use in my intuition to gain more clarity in my life?
How can I express from my Heart and Spirit how lucky I feel to be alive?
What do I stand for?
What’s the point?
What’s the purpose in life?
What is the meaning of life?
Who’s in charge?
Is anyone out there?
What is love all about?
Why does anyone care?
How can I make a difference in this world?
How can I add value to someone's life today?
How can I regain my ability to look at life with wonder though the eyes of a child?
How can I use my innate genius and creativity and live the life I’ve've imagined?
What excites me about today?
What do I want?
How do I feel?
How can I share my gifts now?
What can I learn here?
How can I realize more meaning in my life?
What is worthy of my attention?
Who can I connect with here?
What can I contribute to this situation?
What can I give today?...and what else?
What's funny about this?
What brings me joy in that experience?
How did I make a difference today?
How can I leave this place more beautiful than I found it?
What is my Truth about this issue?
What's next?
What now?
What is the question?
How can I be empowered?
How does God see this?
Who am I?
What is the most empowering question I can ask right now?
What question can I ask to move me where I desire to be?
Why is that important to me?
What’s another way of looking at that?
What do I think of that?
How can I find out more?
How does that align with my values?
How much time can I spend doing that?
How can I find out more?
What would it take for that to happen?
What do I need more of? Less of?
What am I resisting?

What motivates me?
What’s draining me?
What is holding me back?
What’s the benefit?
What value am I honouring?
What am I saying yes to? No to?
What else could I do?
What scares me about that?
What can I learn from that?
What’s working well for me?
Why does that bother me?
What’s stopping me?
What other choices do I have?
What excites me?
What bores me?
What do I need to let go of?


Empowering questions are almost limitless – Have a go, ask some questions of yourself.
Or post some on the Public Blog or Private Blog